Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Pros and Cons

Pro: I enjoy when things are more predictable. Weekends can seem in congruent at times.
Con: I live for life's in congruences, that is were the sweetness lives.

Con: Laundry day
Pro: I chuckle every time I empty Harris's pockets and find treasures from that trove he calls a school play yard.

Pro: Nap times resume on the tried and true schedule.
Con: I really want a nap, but had such a jolly time this weekend I must catch up with what was left by the wayside. By the way, I love waysides.

Con: It is a mucky, cold, inversion-esque January Monday.
Pro: My tot and I are banished to the basement and play silly made up games that have only a light dusting of educational purpose.

Pro: Having Monday night set aside for us.
Con: Figuring out who's turn it actually is to give the lesson as holiday cheer and snow storms have made our home evenings on the short and sweet side. Harris? Are you listening?

Con: Realizing that there really few things that are good about Mondays.
Pro: Only five more days to go...

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Jenn said...

Mondays are hard! especially Jan 5th that was on of the hardest ever. I enjoyed reading about your super mommy watch, I want one too that would be great, but will you read the instructions then explain it to me?