Friday, January 2, 2009

The List

****Excuse me from jumping over a full detailed memorandum of our Holiday dealings there will be that and more trinkets, prizes, and treats coming next week.

Every year the day afterChristmas, I start thinking of the holiday to come: New Year’s and with that day the dreaded word resolution. I guess it is a choice whether you set one, two, twenty or none. My psyche has the idea that the more the better. The flood gates open that day after Christmas and they all come in. Some are new ones like getting Anna to successfully produce number two in the potty but most are frequent visitors. Eat better, run harder, remember better, and live better pour right in. I start seeing myself as skinner, sleeker and all the more together by April at least and realizing that I must set these goals now and receive the life that is waiting for me. I mean, there is nothing tragically wrong that needs rearranging in my life, but it is enticing to look what I could be. What happens after January 2nd is sometimes mentionable and sometimes my list stays under my bed to keep the dust bunnies company. So this year, as the gates were lifting I realized that yes, those same old goals came through, and yes, they need attention but, there are stories I want to tell and things I want to capture that should take the first spots on my list.
Watch her groove everyday and take more movies like this which I guess is for my viewing pleasure only since I can't get it to load....just imagine a favorite blanky used as a DDR mat and Anna going wild. Hopefully, I'll figure out this tech difficulty. (I found a DDR (dance, dance, revolution) plug and play Disney edition we might have to get. If it happens, she might just need her own blog.)

Go on more dates with this guy and kiss him a lot.
Hear more of his stories and jokes. Always have great ‘school's out’ days.

Do more things like this.

Remember that all this girl really wants is what's above.

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